Stanley® Vidmar® is America’s premier manufacturer of modular, heavy-duty and high-density storage solutions for use in a variety of industries including military, automotive, manufacturing and healthcare.

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Stanley Vidmar MiniMEZZ Cabinet
Stanley Vidmar MINIMEZZ.

Ban-Air is a worldwide distributor of Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets, workstations and mezzanine systems.

  • Typical 5:2 space saving ratio enables the content of five open shelving units to be condensed into just two Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets with a dramatically reduced footprint
  • Allocate every item in your inventory its own specific, identifiable location meaning that the taking and maintaining of inventory is simple and more efficient
  • All parts are stored within easy reach and with Visibility-On-Demand
  • Enclosed cabinet storage protects inventory from dust, dirt, damage and loss
  • Flexible modular units enable reconfiguration or system expansion as storage requirements change
  • Custom configurations designed to meet your specific storage needs

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Cabinets, Workstations and Mezzanine Systems

Find out how Stanley Vidmar cabinets can help you to achieve 100% visibility and accessibility, contain and organize parts, safeguard contents, find items faster and save 50% of your storage space.

Stanley Vidmar MaxiMEZZ Cabinet
Stanley Vidmar MaxiMEZZ.

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