3 Examples of our wide range of Pallets & Accessories

3 Examples of Pallets and Accessories


Ban-Air Pallets come in a range of types and sizes and can be fully customized to your specific requirements.

  • Pallets function as shelves, carriers and as handling and storage modules
  • Available in Standard and Heavy-Duty (up to 5,000lbs/2275kgs capacity), Solid-Top and Flow-Thru designs along with Light-Duty Shelves for lighter items
  • The wire deck surface of the Flow-Thru pallet allows free flow of sprinkler water from higher levels meeting requirements for fire code compliance
  • Loads are prevented from tipping by means of fully-enclosed fork tubes
  • Stack-and-Nest pallet design allows for dense storage and shipping


Ban-Air Pallets can accommodate a variety of attachments to fully customise a system to your specific needs. Accessories include:

  • Modular Cages to provide flexible and expandable storage for loose items, with optional dividers
  • Castors to improve the manual handling of loads when outside the rack
  • Lashing Kits to securely strap items of all shapes and sizes to the pallet surface
  • HazMat Pans to prevent spillage of hazardous materials


Our engineering survey of your facility will include a full safety evaluation of personnel and material handling risks and full recommendations on steps that can be taken to reduce and confine any dangers or hazards around the warehouse.

  • Corner Protectors are used to protect exposed rack corners from forklift collision damage at aisle entry/exit points and wherever risks of forklift damage exist
  • Barrier Systems can be used to protect pedestrians and equipment from vehicle damage or can be used to define and separate work areas. Heavy-duty to withstand the toughest of working environments and finished in a high visibility paint, the system is simple to install and can be delivered either fully welded or bolted for easy shipping
  • Protection Posts safeguard building columns, doorways, building corners, pedestrian areas, machinery, conveyor system or other valuable equipment. Available in high visibility paint and galvanized for exterior applications, the post top is fitted with a fully welded steel cap and comes complete with high tensile floor anchor bolts
  • Anti-Collapse Mesh can be fitted to prevent loosely stacked items from falling onto personnel in vulnerable areas
  • Heavy-Duty Protection Rails are ideal for protecting a continuous rack or equipment face from impact damage, without restricting forklift access to shelves
  • Forklift Guide Rails for narrow-aisle and drive-in systems

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