Innovative, feature-rich storage and crane buildings for small to medium-sized applications. Fully steel-clad ‘warehouse’ built around an Instantly Adjustable Rack System.

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  • Designed, built and installed to your specifications in as little as 12 weeks for immediate utilization
  • Maintains the appearance, both internally and externally, of a standard warehouse
  • Easy to configure around a wide range of existing floor conditions often without the need for separate foundations or lengthy planning considerations
  • Cost-effective ‘building’ and advanced rack system that can be disassembled for relocation
  • Can be supplied complete with 40’ shipping containers use in transportation which can be used as lockable security stores
  • Secure, lockable structures with fully weather-proof cladding to withstand prevailing climatic conditions
  • Modular design allows for integral:
    • WalkLift® pallet storage and retrieval crane
    • Building insulation
    • Personnel and cargo door systems
    • Open spaces and modular office systems
    • Solar Photovoltaic Panels for lighting and battery charging
    • Translucent cladding and skylights for maximum natural light

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