The Air Pallet Rack has been custom designed for the efficient storage of aluminum aircraft pallets, particularly 463L and ALOC models.

View our PDF Air Pallet Rack Brochure.

Air Pallet Rack

Ability to stack pallets up to three high as standard to dramatically increase warehouse capacity or add entirely new storage capability Flexible configurations constructed from heavy-gauge, bolted steel with the ability to replace damaged parts and reconfigure as needs change Durable, exterior grade galvanized finishes to provide protection from the harshest weather conditions.

Can be fitted with steel sheeting panels to weather-proof loads.

Efficient handling with pallets ready for immediate deployment using a standard or all-terrain forklift.

Designed to support fully cargo loaded pallets up to 12,000lbs (5443kgs).

Rack heights available up to 19’ 8-1/4” (6m) tall with adjustable pallet positioning at 8” (200mm) intervals for ultimate flexibility.

The Only Rack Specifically Designed for the Storage of Aluminum Air Pallets.

Find out how to optimize storage methods for your aircraft pallets with a free-standing rack designed to save space and improve pallet handling. Use indoors or outside for fast access, staging and retrieval of fully loaded pallets.

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