The ultimate flexibility in rack and pallet storage with user-configured locations to maximize storage density and achieve custom-fit storage throughout your available warehouse space.

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Instantly Adjustable Rack System
Instantly Adjustable Rack System


  • Designed to maximize storage resources and revolutionize handling, retrieval and inventory control
  • Adjust the height of the pallets at 6” (150mm) increments when required using any type of forklift to accommodate a variety of different items, from large bulky items to small parts, within one racking system
  • Bolted sectional design allows for easy disassembly, relocation, reconfiguration and reassembly, as well as for routine maintenance and repair
  • Superior quality, strength and durability
  • Over 20 system sizes available as standard, with a full range of heights from 8’ to 24’ (2.4m to 7.3m) to make full use of the height of your warehouse and cope with almost any application
  • Full range of pallets and accessories available to fully customize any system to meet your specific needs
  • Rack system is strong enough to be used as the supporting structure for mezzanine flooring, integral WalkLift® system, or even exterior storage buildings
  • Ergonomic design enables items to be placed directly into the rack with the use of a forklift or integrated handling device to reduce the health and safety issues associated with the lifting and handling of heavy loads

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